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Why I Have A Poster Of Myself In My Basement

Morning running friends!

Last week I was feeling a little blah, okay a lot. I get in these funks sometimes and though I try to look at all the positives and pull myself out of it, some days all I want to do is sit on the couch and stuff my face while feeling sorry for myself. Stuffing my face then makes me feel more sorry for myself because I feel like I’ve lost all my motivation and have no clue how I will get it back. As quickly as the funk comes that’s as quickly as it leaves.
I think I just have a lot of emotions running through my head and have been running around all summer. I once loved, and in some ways still do, how summer is unstructured, but for the first time in my life I’m realizing that I crave the routine that comes with the school year. When I was younger summer was fun because I could sleep in, but more often than not I remember moping around wishing my friends would come home from camp or where they went to over the summers. I thought it was school I was looked forward to, and maybe it was because I really enjoy learning, but maybe it was that with school came routine. YES I look forward to the weekends, even as a so-called-stay-at-home-mom {why the first question people ask you is where you work, I’ll never understand – but that is a debate for another day}, but I also really like Monday – Friday.
There is good in every day.
I thought summer training was going to be easier now that my kids are older and it hasn’t been and will continue to not be easy until school starts. So I’m not lamenting about it or even really worried about it. My fitness isn’t the same, my weight isn’t the same but that is all A-OK. It will all come back with time and a little hard work. It feels nice to say that while it is a priority, it isn’t my only priority. I don’t regret for one second not making my summer all about my running. I don’t regret not being exhausted and snappy. Not one bit. At some point I had to be honest with myself and say it’s okay to NOT do it all, all at once. It doesn’t mean I’m less dedicated or love fitness/running any less, it just means that there are ebbs and flows in life. Make sense? Okay enough with my rambling….

Monday I picked up Chloe and Miles from my dads in Maryland after they flew home from their Disney/Universal Trip in Florida. My sister Jessica joked that maybe if we were good my dad would take us to Disney one year…bahaha. In all seriousness, I’m very thankful that my kids get to do fun things with my dad and his wife. When Eric and I were in San Diego for the RRS Craft Classic Half Marathon my kids were with them most of the time. Chloe and Miles did a week long tennis camp and Colton got to do fun stuff with grandma while they were gone in the mornings. In the afternoons they headed to the pool – which I loved for them, because we don’t have a neighborhood pool {we don’t live in a neighborhood}. Without help from family, I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do. Grateful doesn’t seem like a strong enough word.

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